Happy (belated) birthday to Daddy’sĀ little girl. Good thing the terrible twos are over – no more fighting with her and all will be smooth sailing from here.

Oh wait, here’s Elizabeth on her birthday discovering a roll of toilet paper, and when it gets taken away she issues a very stern NO to mom. Still cute tho.

photo 1

photo 2


Apparently its been a long time since I updated this. I hope to update it a bit more now that its working again. The first one she learned last night, the second she had remembered in the morning. The hand motions are all her idea.



There are two trains, one in view of the camera and one out of view.


Despite my dislike of most things baseball, my father would be proud of these photos. Happy birthday pops!


She’s a bit shy on camera, so I finally got her before she realized she was being filmed. Been wanting to capture this for a while – and she just learned a new animal too! Make sure to turn up your volume.

First time in the pool!

This past weekend was nice enough to allow us to go to Donna’s pool. Elizabeth got her first playtime in a real pool! At first she was a bit timid (par for the course), but after ~10min she really enjoyed watching Nicole play in the water.

Highly suggested to watch either full screen (bottom right icon) or at least with a higher quality setting (the gear icon in the lower right).


Well, with a bit of help. But this is the first day she’s taken her own steps. I think I’ll get a pole vault pole ready now for her..