Messy lil kid

I guess food play is part of every child’s growing up.

Skyler and Elizabeth

This is a sad day in the Fox household, as Skyler was laid to rest this morning. We choose to remember the happy times with our beloved beagle. Elizabeth definitely liked Skyler.


I think she’s saying da da, but maybe I’m biased!

Beach baby

Sorry for the delay in updates. Lots of other family stuff plus the server got hacked (no, its not one of my servers!).

Small Fry

Yup. Definitely daddy’s little girl. Thanks to the Darlings for the awesome Christmas present!


Check out those chompers – if you cant see them on your screen, click on the image.


Who knew doing laundry could be so funny? Nicole is ‘snapping’ a shirt while folding laundry. Make sure sound is up.

Barrel Rolls!

Elizabeth learned a new trick for the new year 🙂


You may want to turn up your speakers a bit.