Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Nate,Nicole,and Elizabeth

Winter is here!

Sadly, sub-60 degrees is considered winter here in socal. Or maybe thats a good thing? Either way, bundled up and ready to go!

Happy Halloween

Every kid needs halloween photos, right?


Just caught the end of a few giggles. 2nd time she’s actually laughed.

So thats what a baby does

Be forewarned – this isnt the ‘cutest’ video. In fact, its mostly gross. But its completely funny.

Our little Angel

Nicole added the bow to make sure people knew she was a girl.
Thanks to Grandpa Mike for the outfit!

Elizabeth hanging out on the couch, swingin

A little montage of Elizabeth while hanging out on the couch this morning.

And also in the swing! She has a love/hate relationship with the swing. This morning it was love.

Nicole took some great photos as well as video.